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The best flash games for two.

Many gamers prefer to play alone. So they rely only on their own strengths and skills and always know what their next actions will be like. However, playing with a partner is much more interesting. After all, in difficult situations, he will certainly come to the rescue. And although at times one can not predict what he will do in the next instant, the sense of support in the person of a like-minded person adds confidence and courage to everyone. Today for all fans to play in a good company, we selected the best flash games, designed for two players. In any of them you can play on – one of the popular projects, with a collection of flash games for two. So, let’s go …

Gun Mayhem 2

I want to compete with a friend in the shooting and find out which of you better owns different types of weapons? Then numerous levels of the game Gun Mayhem 2 are created especially for you! Here you and your partner have to destroy the enemies appearing next to you. They can be dealt with not only by bullets, but also by dropping them into the abyss. The main thing is to ensure that your characters do not accidentally end up there.

Super fighters

Show your courage and get rid of very dangerous enemies can be in this game. Here, the action takes place in a huge warehouse, in which a lot of various supplies and things are stored. Of course, such wealth could not but attract numerous gang of thieves, who only dream of getting another’s goods and reselling it as soon as possible. To solve the problem with criminals, the warehouse management hires professional fighters who can easily get rid of any uninvited guests. It is in their role that you and your friend will perform.

Deluxe Pool

If you and your partner prefer quiet games, then you must play billiards. During a friendly match you can not only relax, but also be trained in accuracy and strength. As in the current billiards, you have to take turns to try to score the colored balls in the pockets and make sure that the white ball does not hit there. Each of you will only need a good eye and the ability to correctly choose the power of the blow. Defeat one of the players, whose balls in the pockets will be more.

Contra for two

Among the games for two it is impossible not to distinguish the famous “Counter”, which was popular among all the owners of the prefix “Dandy”. Two special fighters have a long journey to various levels, among which there are dangerous jungles, secret bases and even dangerous dungeons. Many different types of weapons, the strongest bosses at the end of each mission and numerous enemies ready at every step to shoot both heroes – all this is waiting for you and your friend in this cult game of the 90s of last century.

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