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Papa’s Games Has many selections when it comes to games.

The first game I played From Papa’s Games was Papa Freezeria. This game is about taking orders from customers and creating fun ice cream or Sunday’s with interesting toppings. You can pick the character that you will like to use. The choices are limited but there is a male or female character. You have interesting characters that come in and you also have the closer or critic that is very tough on you. Although, you have a tutorial at the beginning, it is not clear how to beat these picky eaters. Overall this game is fun and has kept me occupied.

Papa’s Games Has many selections when it comes to games. There are 17 stages or games on https://papasgames.io. These games are interesting and fun to play. It gives you a taste of owning a reasturant.

The next game from Papa’s Games was Papa Cupcakeria. This game is like the game above, in the fact that you take orders from customers and create their custom order, but it is cupcakes. You try to make all the precise markings to get a perfect score. The closer again is the critic that is very picky and often gives you low scores and no tips. The Closer wants things perfect so making sure that nothing is wrong will work in your favor when dealing with this picky eater.

The last game that caught my attention from Papa’s Games was Papa’s Pizzeria. This game teaches you how to make and create the perfect pizza for your customers. The object of the game is like the others. You will run a pizza business and learn how to bake and add toppings to the pizza. The game is the same as the others you open your restaurant, Take the orders, create the pizza’s and serve to the customers for a good tip. You have a tutorial at the beginning, but there is a difference in the closer which is not considered picky. You can tell this may be one of the first of the game series, but it is just as fun.

These games are fun ways to occupy your time when you are bored. You can find this game on google play, app store and even on amazon app store for kindle tablets. This game would be good for all ages and can help kids learning limits and timing. That makes these games fun and educational!

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