Computer games

Computer games are programs designed to entertain people on the computer.

Computer games are programs designed to entertain people on the computer. Such games have received extremely powerful development and have poured into the largest market for the last thirty years. Many people sit for hours and days at the computer, playing various kinds of shooters, MMORPG, RPG, strategy, simulators and other genres of computer games. No less people are willing to pay for this kind of entertainment. It’s fun and interesting, addictive and addictive. With the development of computer electronics and the improvement of software and hardware, games become more powerful and realistic, increasingly approaching the quality of visualization to the real world. Every genre has its own fans. Useful computer games or harmful – it’s up to you.

The most popular genres of computer games are:

  1. Action – action, shooter. Games of this genre usually pass to fast actions of the player, thinking about the situation as quickly as possible in this or that situation in the game, basically from the first person, in which a lot of fights, battles, and there is no minute of calm, as in this game – call of duty modern warfare3 download from torrent.
  2. RPG – Tactical game, more individual approach to the gameplay. In this genre, in most cases we control one hero, gradually plunging into another world of the game. Anything can happen in the game, from superiority to others, or aspiration for self-improvement.
  3. Strategy – a game in real time, the player has a certain territory, where he has to create his base in a short time, while extracting resources, and to defend himself against enemies. It is also possible to exchange resources with other players, conclude alliances, negotiate the purchase or seizure of the territory. In general, we get a very interesting game that includes politics, the economy, if something goes wrong, at any time a war between countries can begin.
  4. Quest – a game where you need to think a lot, look for clues, move along the story line in different ways.
  5. Simulator technique – the game in which you are a driver, perform various tasks ranging from simple cars to spaceships, depending on the game of course.
  6. Simulator of life – develop, find work, build your home, survive as you can, build your own budget.
  7. Others – Educational games for children, various puzzles, board games, music programs.

These are the main and most interesting genres of flash games. We wish good luck to choose the right genre and games.

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